Isologic Innovative Radiopharmaceuticals (ISOLOGIC) is a nationwide radiopharmaceutical company, dedicated to nuclear medicine and the science of Radiopharmaceutical production. Our commitment to these fields extends to the communities we serve. We have over 170 team members focused on serving our customers and their patients. We utilize our significant experience, expertise and networks in Nuclear Pharmacy to provide our customers and patients with reliable; safe and high quality radiopharmaceutical products and services.

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Our Mission

To assist physicians by delivering the most clinically relevant PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals in a safe, reliable manner to ultimately help save patient’s lives.

Our Vision

To become a global leader and be the central point of entry for breakthrough radiopharmaceuticals in Canada.

To be the leading advocate for better patient care. Recognized as the most Trusted Quality Care partner, ISOLOGIC is dedicated in providing leading innovations and solutions to Canadian practitioners, while returning attractive financial results for the organization that is committed in reinvesting in the field.

Our Values Drive Our Daily Actions and Decisions


We pride ourselves on creating a culture of excellence driven by employee recognition, where employees thrive. We focus on uncompromised outstanding quality standards for our products and services.


We care about our customers and patients, and take pride in what we do. Our passion is our relentless commitment to improving patient care.


We engage in teamwork and dialogue. We work together, transcending organizational and geographic boundaries to meet the expectations of the changing landscape of nuclear medicine.


We pride ourselves to provide new benefits to address patient needs, motivating us to pursue novel processes to provide safer and more efficient solutions.

Ethics And Integrity2022-12-07T16:53:07-05:00

We are an accountable partner and we keep our promises. We act and communicate in an open, honest and trustworthy way.

Customer Focus2022-12-07T16:53:07-05:00

We will deliver outstanding performance and service to our customers by placing patients above all else. Our efforts are driven by Patient-Centered care.

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