How Trusted Quality Care Works For YOU…

1 – Confidence

You manage your practice confidently with the service reliability expected from a Radiopharmacy Company:

  • High Standards – We strive to exceed industry standards with our service quality – Isologic has never experienced a regulatory non-compliance rating.

  • Experience – We deliver over 650,000+ doses annually. We typically deliver them before designated delivery times and to the clinical specifications requested.

  • Sourcing – We strategically source from all available Canadian generator suppliers to help provide continuation of supply to customers, during these all too frequent supply shortages.

  • Scale – We leverage our scale and relationships to receive advance notice of global reactor maintenance and pertinent supply shortage information. We aim to mitigate the impact of these disruptions by keeping our customers well informed and triaging the available supply, so all customers can continue to run their practice.

2 – Passion

You have Canada’s radiopharmaceutical experts working 24-7/365 to deliver against the needs of your practice.

  • Logistics – Our in-house logistics provides a team of highly trained and dedicated Customer Delivery Associates (CDA’s) complete control to help ensure on-time delivery of isotopes to the right location at the right time.

  • Trained Professionals – Each Isologic site has a Customer Order Management Team- staffed by trained personnel, who work with you in the manner you prefer – phone, web, or mobile to ensure we get you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

  • Your Needs First – We tailor make our service to fit your departmental needs. The expertise of our team – on the forefront of radiopharmacy – provides us an in-depth knowledge of where the industry is headed and helps us to anticipate and satisfy your clinical requirements.

3 – Quality

You give your staff and patients high quality radiopharmaceutical agents.

  • Trusted Partner – Partner with us as suppliers to continually innovate to well above the industry standard for quality and safety, and employing leading-edge web-based ordering systems that help minimize costly transcription errors.

  • Quality Orientated – Behind every dose, Isologic has regimented practices and validated equipment that provide optimum processes for quality and safety compliance, ensuring the Radiopharmaceuticals administered to your patients are of the quality they deserve.

  • Safety First – Isologic’s trained staff uphold 200 rigorous quality and safety procedures that contribute to patient-centered care.

Trusted Quality Care

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