IRE-ELiT S.A. (Environment & Lifescience Technology) & Isologic signed an exclusive agreement for the distribution of Galli Eo™ 68Ge/ 68Ga generator in Canada

FLEURUS, Belgium ; Montreal, Canada ; the 31st January.

IRE-ELiT S.A. (Environment & Lifescience Technology) & Isologic Innovative Radiopharmaceuticals, the Canadian leader in radiopharmacy servicess announced their partnership in an exclusive distribution agreement for Galli Eo® germanium-68 / gallium-68 (68Ge / 68Ga) generator in the Canadian territories.

IRE-ELiT has developed and is currently producing the Galli Eo® generator, for which a type II DMF has been submitted to Health Canada (#2017-084) in May this year.

“Gallium-68 is a radioisotope for Positron-emission tomography (PET) imaging functional technique with a high degree of precision to identify certain cancerous lesions like in recurrent prostate cancer. Its half-life is also very short but it has the advantage of being obtained more easily and at a lower cost through a germanium-68 / gallium-68 generator.” said Jean-Michel Vanderhofstadt, CEO – General Manager IRE – IRE ELiT.

To facilitate the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals using gallium-68, the Galli Eo® generator is a fully integrated, closed system to get rapidly, highly concentrated and very pure preparations minimizing the loss of activity. The innovative design limits the risk of error and contamination for the benefit of patients and users.

“We are confident that our commitment to providing easier access to this new Isotope generator in Canada will have a significant impact on the choice of diagnostic tools physician will have in the future to threat patient with life threatening disease.” said André Gagnon, President and CEO of ISOLOGIC.

This deal reflects the ambitions of IRE-ELit to have a global dimension building a growth strategy in partnership with major players in Radiopharmaceuticals across the globe, allowing for fast market penetration. As part of the agreement, Isologic will distribute the Galli Eo® in support of clinical investigational trials and post-approval commercial sales in Canada.

About IRE-ELiT S.A. (Environment & Lifescience Technology)

IRE ELiT, the Institute for Radioelement subsidiary, is an innovative radiopharmaceutical company that develops, produces and commercializes simple and premium solutions for Nuclear Medicine. Its portfolio is supported by R&D team fully committed in research programs with several universities and academic centers across the world. This cooperation is a key factor to develop new radiopharmaceuticals (like generators of Ga-68 & Re-188) keeping in mind a cost effective approach for radiopharmacies.

Steeped in its corporate culture, IRE ELiT places quality, reliability and services at the center of all its concerns to secure the supply and easy use of radiopharmaceuticals for its customers worldwide.

Founded in 2010, IRE ELiT has its headquarters and facilities in Fleurus, Belgium, able to manufacture both diagnostics and therapeutic NM products, employs 35 persons, has created a large distributors network (Australia, Austria, Canada, Italy, Middle East, Nordics…). For more information, please visit:

About ISOLOGIC Innovative Radiopharmaceuticals

ISOLOGIC Innovative Radiopharmaceuticals (ISOLOGIC) is a Canadian radiopharmaceutical company dedicated to nuclear medicine and the science of radiopharmaceutical production. ISOLOGIC’s commitment to these fields includes cyclotron centers, SPECT and PET radiopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities throughout Canada. Utilizing significant experience, expertise to provide its customers and patients with reliable, safe and high quality radiopharmaceutical products and services. ISOLOGIC’s open formulary of radiopharmaceutical drugs and medical devices provides the flexibility of choice, providing its customers with access to all radiopharmaceuticals, having Health Canada market authorization.

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