ISOLOGIC Acquires Lantheus Canadian Imaging Centres


ISOLOGIC is pleased to announce the completion of an asset purchase agreement for the acquisition of the Canadian radiopharmacy and Gludef manufacturing and distribution business operations of Lantheus Medical Imaging (“LMI”), including pharmacies located in Dorval, Quebec; Quebec City, Quebec; Mississauga, Ontario; and Vancouver, British Columbia. Over the coming months, ISOLOGIC will integrate radiopharmaceutical and Gludef manufacturing and distribution under a single brand, while maintaining the highest level of product quality and customer service.

ISOLOGIC has undertaken this transaction to ensure the continued sustainability and development of the Canadian nuclear medicine marketplace:

With its diverse set of strategic partners, ISOLOGIC will be able to provide its customers an even broader product offering of nuclear diagnostic agents and therapies;

  • Through state of the art facilities across Canada and strategic alliances with world renowned research university hospitals, ISOLOGIC will continue to expand its offering to include the next generation of PET and SPECT compounds;
  • ISOLOGIC is also investing significant resources in implementing a new software platform across all our facilities, which will provide for additional customer support, safety features, and mobile and internet applications.
  • Our vision is simple: to help provide improved healthcare across Canada by providing access to the most clinically relevant PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals to assist physicians in the diagnosis of life threatening diseases. We are committed to providing new diagnostic options to healthcare professionals and improving the welfare of our patients.

As the leading Canadian Positron Emitting Radiopharmaceutical (PERs) manufacturer and Single Photon Emitting Computed Tomography (SPECT) radiopharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor, ISOLOGIC is committed to ensuring that the Canadian healthcare community continues to obtain a reliable and efficient radiopharmaceutical supply, and believes this transaction is a key step in achieving this goal.

The leadership and commitment of our dedicated employees has allowed ISOLOGIC to become the number one radiopharmaceutical supplier in Canada. You can expect our SPECT manufacturing and PERs cyclotron production facilities will continue servicing our customers in accordance with the highest national and professional standards.

This strategic acquisition will in no way compromise the level of service that you have experienced in the past and we plan to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Finally, we understand that the special relationship we have shared with our customers over the years is paramount to the continued success of ISOLOGIC. Our objective will be to further enhance these important relationships and to grow new long lasting ones. Over the coming weeks, we will be reaching out to you directly to ensure the transition has gone seamlessly, and discuss how we can continue working together as partners going forward.

Yours truly,

André Gagnon,

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