March 24th, 2014

IsoLogic is proud to announce that following the acquisitions of Pharmalogic P.E.T. Services of Montreal and Cardinal Health’s Ontario based radiopharmacies, it will operate the combined businesses as IsoLogic Innovative Radiopharmaceuticals going forward.

The leaders in Canadian PET manufacturing and radiopharmacy products are joining forces to offer the nuclear medicine community the highest level of expertise and customer service. We believe that the synergies created by the integration of these two companies will allow IsoLogic to offer a broad spectrum of products and services, unmatched in the industry.

IsoLogic is taking a leadership position in supplying the Canadian nuclear medicine community with clinically relevant radiopharmaceuticals. Our proven success in developing and commercializing innovative imaging agents provides strong evidence of our willingness to bring forward breakthrough radiopharmaceuticals to market. As technology continues to evolve, applications in oncology, neurology, and cardiology are leading to a promising pipeline of new drugs. Additionally, the manufacturing of PET products must advance to support multi-compound production in a cGMP compliant environment. IsoLogic has already made the financial commitment to service its customers in such an environment. With state-of-the-art facilities in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa, and strategic alliances with world-renowned university research hospitals, IsoLogic is ready to expand its offering to include the next generation of PET and SPECT compounds.

The leadership and commitment of our dedicated employees will allow IsoLogic to become the number one radiopharmaceutical supplier in Canada. You can expect our radiopharmacies and cyclotron production facilities to continue servicing our customers in accordance with the highest national and professional standards. IsoLogic will be solely Canada-focused, and only dedicated to the field of nuclear medicine.

Our vision is simple: to become the leading Canadian provider of relevant radiopharmaceuticals by developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative nuclear medicine imaging agents to support all your imaging needs and to provide you with the most significant tools to improve patient care.

Furthermore, we are investing time, dollars and effort to implement one of the most comprehensive and advanced software platforms in our industry, which will include features that enhance safety for the end user/ patient, provide bar code reading for all aspects of production, delivery and radiation safety, and provide web-ordering capabilities for customers. Any changes related to this new system for our ordering processes will be communicated to you shortly.

These strategic acquisitions will in no way compromise the level of service that you have experienced in the past and we plan to make the transition as seamless as possible. We welcome any inquiries directly to the IsoLogic leadership team.

Finally, we understand that the special relationship we have shared with customers over the years is paramount to the future success of IsoLogic. Our objective will be to further enhance these important relationships and to grow new long lasting ones. We thank you for your continued support as we charge ahead to build an organization focused on delivering the best possible nuclear medicine solution to your organization.

Yours truly,

André Gagnon

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